Matthew Lamz is a reputable entrepreneur who brought innovation in the field of roofing industry with his incredible ideas and efforts. Matthew Lamz (Matt. L.) is a graduate in Business Administration from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics was his dream project and he fulfilled his dream by running it successfully. Everybody recognizes Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics as a reputable roofing company in Austin.

People who have professional associations with Matthew Lamz; they have endorsed him with different skills like management, strategic planning, team building, claims management, value engineering and many more. Matthew Lamz has bagged several certifications and awards for his excellent contribution in the roofing industry. His company features:

• TPO roof systems by Carlisle Syntec / Versico

• Metal Roofing by various manufacturers

• Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

• Spray Foam Insulation application (No SPF roofs)

• Residential roof products by various manufacturers

We, at Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics, offer both residential and commercial roofing services. We provide infrared roofing inspection, and also offer quality gutters of all shapes, colors and sizes that will definitely add to the beauty and charm of your home.

Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics aims at developing and finding creative roofing solutions for all its clients. We offer cost-effective roofing solutions to provide people with the real value of their money. We specialize in “cool roofing” materials and saving client’s big money. Not all business is good business….so we have selected what we do best for our client’s and choose our clients accordingly. “PROGRESSIVE THINKING MEANS PRECISION RESULTS“…

How to Make Your Roofs Last Longer?

Roofing troubles are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Almost everyone of us, might have experienced roofing troubles at one point or the other. These troubles not only drain you physically, but also exhaust you mentally. You live in constant fear thinking if your roofs are in good condition or have damaged to an extent that they may fall upon you anytime. You can avoid all these circumstances to take place if you pay attention towards the health of your roofs.

Regular checkups of your roofing structure can provide you information about the factors which were damaging the structure of your roofs. Most of the home and business owners embrace “out of sight, out of mind”. Performing checkups of your roofs every spring and fall can keep your roofs in the excellent condition. This way, you can also save on some money which you might have spent on making expensive home improvements.

The roof of your house provides you a shelter and protective cover from the harsh climatic conditions. They are constantly exposed to harsh climatic conditions that can severely deteriorate the condition of your roofs. If you regularly check the condition of your roofs, you will notice a reduction in the roofing repairs and increased roof life. This way you can also safeguard your roof warranty covers. Moisture is the number one enemy of roofs, which makes your roofs fail prematurely. By conducting regular inspections, you can locate the problematic areas where moisture is eating up your roofs.